Master Projects

Below is a list of all the Master Projects related to Human-IST Institute and its team. The "Open" category contains proposals: if you are interested in a Master Project with Human-IST, please apply for one of these.

Download the LateX template for Master Project Reports.

Open projects

2018Resemblance relations for cognitive systemsEdy Portmann, Sara D'Onofrio, ICT Post

Ongoing projects

2017Autonomous vehicles and us: human-AV interaction designGuillaume PythoudFlorian Évequoz, Grace Eden, Himanshu Verma, Denis Lalanne

Finished projects

2017Privacy Dashboard for Social NetworksAngelo GuglielmettiAgnes Lisowska Masson, Denis Lalanne
2016Detecting and Reducing Interruptions at WorkThibaut MauronDenis Lalanne, Remy Zimmermann
2016Interactive visualisation of the 2000 W buildings design spaceRaphaël TuorJulien Nembrini, Denis Lalanne, Thomas Jusselme
2015Evolution driven multivariate testing on the webJan Aurel KühniDenis Lalanne
2015Real time tracking and visualization of indoor social interactionsThomas RouvinezDenis Lalanne
2015Relationship between subjective comfort perception and smartphone sensor dataRoman KuepperJulien Nembrini, Denis Lalanne
2015Sensing Human Comfort: An Inclusive Implementation of Indoor Environmental Data CollectionLéonard StalderHamed Alavi, Denis Lalanne
2015Visualization of multivariate building data by spatiotemporal building modelsRoman BaeriswylJulien Nembrini, Denis Lalanne