Uncovering the Relationship between Light and Movement: A Study and Development of a Flexible Visualization Tool

Supervisors: Denis Lalanne, Julien Nembrini

Student: Hervé Papaux

Project status: Finished

Year: 2023

The impact of indoor light exposure on human behavior is the focus of this study. The aim was to examine the relationship between light exposure and the movement patterns of residents in an elderly care facility in the Netherlands. A comprehensive data collection approach was implemented using Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology and sensors to gather positional and light exposure data of the residents during a two-week period, tracked through pre-installed equipment. The collected data was analyzed to uncover patterns in movement and light exposure, revealing that each participant had established a routine, including consistent meal times, seating arrangements, and daily interactions with the same individuals. Because of such routines and reduced participation, the collected data did not show rich diversity. Nonetheless, the outcomes of this study were utilized to develop and implement a visualization tool for data exploration. The tool is designed to be flexible for future applications, utilizing a combination of programming languages including standard web techniques based on python. It allows for a preliminary interpretation of the data concerning surface level utilization of space, in relation to the hours of the day, and the elaboration of various participant profiles, utilizing both static and animated visualizations. This tool represent a sketch of a more developed visualization tool for more advanced data analysis.

Keywords: Light exposure, Indoor tracking, Movement patterns, Data collection, Position data, Visualization tool, Flask application

Document: report.pdf