Guidelines for Involving Citizens in Smart City Projects Using Collaborative and Competitive Events

Supervisors: Moreno Colombo, Edy Portmann

Student: Narek Andreasyan

Project status: Finished

Year: 2022

In the past, smart city projects were developed focusing on technology-driven approaches. Nowadays, it is crucial to take into account humans at the beginning of development. The goal of this project is to find a mechanism that could bring citizens and the public sector to work collectively and transparently in all stages of co-production (co-commissioning, co-design, co-delivery, co-assessment) processes. Therefore, the scientific research here generates the framework, which is a set of rules and guidelines based on design elements (parameters) for the selection of collaborative or competitive events used by organizers (experts). After that, the framework was implemented into a usable software prototype, and thus appeared useful for decision support by choosing events in concrete scenarios based on the user's evaluation, which was the main contributor to this project. The usability of the prototype was evaluated based on the questionnaire, where participants had to find suitable collaborative or competitive events for concrete smart city project scenarios using the tool and evaluate different aspects of the tool's usability and usefulness.

Keywords: Digital Transformation; Collaborative and Competitive Events; Co-production; Human Smart Cities; Crowdsourcing; Open Social Innovation

Document: report.pdf