Development of an Interface to connect students to companies

Supervisors: Edy Portmann, Narek Andreasyan

Contact person: Narek Andreasyan

Student: Looking for a student

Project status: Open

Year: 2024

The proposed bachelor's thesis aims to address the issue of a lack of effective communication between companies and students in the context of developing new bachelor's thesis projects. This lack of communication often leads to misaligned expectations and a lack of opportunities for students to engage in valuable and meaningful research.

To address this issue, the thesis proposes the development of a company-student interface that allows for better dialogue and collaboration between the two parties. This interface would provide a platform for companies to share their research needs and goals, as well as for students to share their interests and expertise. This would facilitate the matching of students with suitable companies and research projects, allowing for more effective collaboration and the development of high-quality thesis projects.

To develop this interface, the thesis will first conduct a literature review to identify existing approaches to company-student collaboration and the challenges and opportunities associated with them. This will inform the design of the interface, which will be implemented using a combination of web development technologies and user-centered design principles.

The effectiveness of the interface will be evaluated through a case study, in which a selected group of companies and students will be invited to use the interface and provide feedback on their experience. This will allow for an analysis of the interface's ability to facilitate better communication and collaboration between companies and students, as well as its potential to improve the quality of bachelor's thesis projects.

Overall, the proposed bachelor's thesis aims to make a significant contribution to the field of company-student collaboration by developing a novel and effective platform for facilitating dialogue and collaboration. By improving communication and collaboration between companies and students, this work has the potential to benefit both parties and lead to the development of high-quality research projects.

Keywords: software design, e-democracy, Ruby on Rails, Interface Design