An Augmented Reality based Sandbox to Investigate the Potential of On-Site Collaborative Tasks

Supervisors: Yong Joon Thoo, Simon Ruffieux, Denis Lalanne

Student: Sophie Maudonnet

Project status: Finished

Year: 2023

Augmented reality (AR) technology enhances the real world with interactive virtual components. For instance, with headsets such as the HoloLens 2, users can interact with virtual objects via gestures or voice commands and make them interact with physical objects. In particular, optical see-through (OST) devices enable users to maintain situational awareness and engage in face-to-face communication with people in their surroundings. This offers tremendous opportunities for collaboration between two AR users viewing shared or overlapping scenes/experiences with applications in design, education, training, healthcare, gaming, etc.

Although AR collaboration has been investigated mainly via remote collaboration settings (e.g., remote synchronous/asynchronous collaboration), this work aims to investigate usable and intuitive interactions between colocated users (e.g., on-site collaboration) by first investigating common examples from litterature and implementing a sandbox project to evaluate a selection of interactions.

Document: report.pdf