Entwicklung einer Webseite für die Bürgerbeteiligung in der Raumplanung

Supervisors: Moreno Colombo, Edy Portmann

Student: Dana Ghousson

Project status: Finished

Year: 2022

This work seeks to establish a connection in spatial planning between the citizens and the experts by encouraging public participation through the medium of a website in order to promote social, environmental and economic sustainability. The main idea is to let citizens make location suggestions for certain services. In addition, an algorithm simplifying the evaluation of the data sent to the experts is developed. The fuzzy c-means algorithm is specifically discussed to find the best locations for the services. A website prototype is developed by using the library React.js for the interface and the framework Django, which is based on Python. The website is tested through a qualitative test which was taken by five participants to ensure user-friendliness. After the feedback from the test users, the prototype was adapted and improved.

Document: report.pdf