Co-design of an AR Rehabilitation Task for People with Visual Impairment

Supervisors: Yong Joon Thoo, Simon Ruffieux, Denis Lalanne

Student: Loris Bertschi

Project status: On-going

Year: 2022

This work seeks to co-design an AR rehabilitation task for people with visual impairment. The process of the bachelor thesis is the following: (1) discuss with experts from the FSA to analyse current exercises and tasks used to do rehabilitation of people with visual impairment. (2) Select a task and adapt it for a digitalisation in augmented reality. The digitalisation process must be well documented and justified. (3) Iteratively implement the prototype on a Hololens 2 augmented reality device. (4) Evaluate and discuss the developed solution with experts in the field of low-vision rehabilitation.

Document: Not yet available