Gamification and tracking of social interactions at a networking event

Supervisors: Denis Lalanne

Student: Moreno Colombo

Project status: Finished

Year: 2015

With the goal of increasing social interactions and simplifying the search of people in a room during a medium-sized networking event in mind, this project proposes a way of tracking people and detecting the interactions between them.

The proposed system tracks people by zones, using passive RFID technology, where each person has to wear a non obtrusive RFID tag to be tracked. This allows all of the other users to see, on a big screen and on their own devices with internet connection, the position of all of the participants, so that they can immediately be found.

Moreover, the social interactions between people can be analysed and used for gamification, that is the creation of a leaderboard of the users with the best behaviour for the success of the event and reward them based on the score they get. This encourages users to participate more actively to the networking event, increasing its success.

Another utility of position and social interactions tracking is the fact that some analytics can be done after the event, to help organizers having a detailed feedback on the success of the event.

In this project all of this is successfully implemented, with a good overall performance.

Document: report.pdf