Controlling Nao’s arms with colormarkers

Supervisors: Denis Lalanne

Student: Kevin Mettenberger

Project status: Finished

Year: 2011

This is the report for the bachelor thesis ”Controlling Nao’s arms with the movement of the user” by Kevin Mettenberger written at the University of Fribourg at the Departement of Informatics in the DIVA1group in the academic year 2010/2011. Supervisors were Prof. Dr.Rolf Ingold, Dr. Denis Lalanne and Matthias Schwaller. The objective of my bachelor thesis was to implement a solution that lets the user control the position of Nao’s hands. To control the position of the hands the user holds a color marker in each of his hands. The color markers are recognized by the application. After recognizing the colors the x, y and z position of the color markers are detected. The z position is calculated from the size of the recognized color marker. These positions are then calculated in a position that Nao can reach with his hands and then sent to Nao.The solution was tested with a performance test against a computer mouse and in a qualitative test scenario. The tests showed that the color marker solution can compete against the computer mouse. But it also showed that there is potential to improve the solution. This report describes some parts of the development process and how the application is constructed. It also contains an analysis of the test results obtained by the two test scenarios.

Document: report.pdf