Game-Master - Visual Editor: Visual Editor for creating games based on Dynamic Rules

Supervisors: Rolf Ingold, Maurizio Rigamonti, Denis Lalanne, Béat Hirsbrunner, Fulvio Frapolli, Amos Brocco

Student: Roland Plüss

Project status: Finished

Year: 2008

Creating games is a complex and hard endeavor especially if it has to be done by hand. Providing a structure to the process of creating a game as well as providing supportive toolscan help a lot to improve this process. It is usually easier to design a game in a visual waythan it is to create it using programming languages or formats maintained by hand. This bachelor work provides a solution for reducing the complexity of creating a game providinga visual editor using the generic model provided by the Dynamic Rules Theory.

The main goal is to implement a visual editor application using the model defined by the Dynamic Rules Theory. The editor allows users to create a game using only visual editing features. Editing has to be simple and intuitive using the principle of the least surprise. Writing code in text form that is parsed is not required neither editing complex XML files. The editor allows editing generic games and is not limited to one particular game or game engine. The second goal is to create an XML file format storing a game definition. The definition of this format is generic as is the editor. Editor specific informations are separated from the game definition in the XML file. The final editor is validated and tested using an example game of Awele as found in the tutorial section in the annexes.

Document: report.pdf