“Live Work”: Peer-to-peer fair exchange of services

Supervisors: Moreno Colombo, Jhonny Pincay Nieves, Edy Portmann

Student: Jamal Zakaria

Project status: Finished

Year: 2020

This master thesis evaluates several inquiries relevant to the development of an application named “Live Work”. Live Work is an application that enables the exchange of services within a local economy by assisting buyers and sellers with locating each other, coordinating the exchange of services, and processing the transaction. The key research question is whether a practical and user-friendly rating system can be designed that is flexible to varying numbers and types of user rating inputs while maintaining fairness. Additionally, other factors in the design of the application are examined, such as the possibility of incorporating cashless transactions as a mode of exchange. The research effort accomplishes the design of an improved multi-step rating system based on one mandatory user rating and two optional ratings. A fuzzy logic control model is designed that aggregates these multi-step ratings into a final rating. The design is then assessed for fairness using a multi-step process, including validating that the ratings produced are objectively consistent across different numbers of optional user rating inputs and that the rating produced by the fuzzy controller model reflects similar outcomes to ratings produced when all user ratings are provided. Additionally, subjective measures of the rating systems are analyzed across multiple dimensions via a study of positive and negative comments that study participants provided regarding the rating methods. On the basis of the selected evaluation criteria, this rating system is determined to be superior to the conventional rating system in its fairness and accuracy and is determined to be suitable for use in the “Live Work” application.

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Document: report.pdf